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PE2 Purge and pressurized enclosure zone 1/21
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Atex System
87 Place Drouet d'Erlon
Tel: + 33 (0)3 26 35 21 52
Fax: +33 (0)3 26 35 21 55
SARL au Capital de 83 000.00 €uros
SIRET 44188619900021
N° TVA Intra FR 58441886199

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General sales terms and conditions

These conditions are an integral part of our proposals and quotations and are accepted at the same time that the latter.

 1. General clause

Every order implies the buyer’s acceptance of these terms. As a result, the seller shall not be subject to any conflicting clause without the latter’s express consent.
2. Conclusion of the contract 2.1. The sales contract shall only be considered as definitely concluded if the contracting parties agree on the subject and the price, with the seller undertaking to supply the merchandise and deliver it to the address specified by the buyer, with the latter undertaking to pay for the merchandise and accept delivery thereof.
2.2. Orders shall only become definite or binding on us after we have confirmed our acceptance by sending an acknowledgement of the order.

3. Price
3.1. The terms stated in the bids and quotes issued by Atex System or its agents are valid for one month from the date of issue, unless otherwise stipulated in the quote and provided that the buyer has not already rejected it.

3.2. Our prices are to be understood as ex-works, excluding tax and packaging.

3.3. Apart from all bids or quotes, the order prices, regardless of their dates, are enforceable at the rate in effect on the day of delivery.

3.4. Our prices are subject to change without notice, depending on the cost of raw materials, labour, and tax rates.

3.5. Minimal billing value is 100 Euros duty free. For orders less than this amount, an administration fee of € 50 VAT will be applied automatically.

4. Payment terms
4.1. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise in our acknowledgement of the order, our payment terms are bank transfer in advance, without discount.

4.2. No credit note in respect of a discount shall be issued at a later date. Only the tax corresponding to the price actually paid is subject to deductions.

4.3. All of our invoices are payable to the corporate office; our agents and representatives are not authorized to receive payments and issue receipts on our behalf.

4.4. Under law 92-1442 of 31st December 1992, the buyer shall be legally liable for a late payment penalty, calculated by applying an interest rate equal to 1.5 times the legal interest rate. In addition, liquidated damages of 40€ for recovery costs will be claimed. We reserve the right to request at any time payment guarantees to the buyer, if such guarantees we would be released from our commitments.

5. Retention of title
According to law no. 80135 of 12th May 1980, it is expressly stated that ownership of the goods shall not be transferred to the buyer until complete payment of the entire price (principal and interests). Notwithstanding the retention of title, the risks of loss and damage pass to the buyer on the day that the goods are supplied.

6. Technical specifications
Goods are del
ivered according to technical specifications standards.
Customer is solely responsible of transmitted specifications. We will not responsible for any forgery of designs, drawings and patents. Customer
agrees to indemnify us from any claims that may be made against us.

7. Delivery terms
7.1. The delivery terms specified for fulfilling the order is calculated based on the later of the following dates: the date upon which Atex-System accepted the buyer’s order, submitted in writing, or the date upon which Atex-System received all the necessary information and/or the anticipated payment to which the buyer had committed.

7.2. The delivery dates are given as estimates only. Atex-System shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses, costs, damages, fees, or expenses resulting directly or indirectly from late delivery of the merchandise.

7.3. A reasonable delay in delivery shall not entitle the buyer to refuse delivery or to cancel the order.

8. Packaging and carriage
8.1. All of our goods are carefully packaged before shipment. Furthermore, we cannot be held liable for any damage to these products.

8.2. The buyer is responsible for the packaging and collection costs, as well as shipping fees.

8.3. The addressee shall assume all risks and hazards associated with the carriage of the merchandise. Claims for damages can only be made against the carrier in the event that the relevant comments for any such claims have been made on the delivery note; the carrier must be notified of such claims by recorded delivery letter, within 48 hours of delivery.

9. Warranty

9.1. All of our products are guaranteed free of manufacturing defects for one year after the shipping date.
9.2. This warranty only covers the replacement of defective parts with identical or interchangeable parts.

9.3. As part of our product research and development initiative, the characteristics of the machinery, equipment, or accessories as described in our documents are for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

10. Return

10.1. Under no circumstances may the merchandise be returned without first obtaining our written consent, and any returns without our prior consent will be refused by our incoming goods division.
10.2. Our acceptance of returned merchandise is contingent upon the condition thereof.10.3. The sender shall be responsible for all shipping and handling fees; we will not accept any shipment sent "carriage forward."

11. Competent courts and applicable law
In the event of a dispute of any nature whatsoever, the commercial court of the jurisdiction in which the company’s registered office is located shall have sole jurisdiction, notwithstanding any clause to the contrary in the seller’s documents.

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